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Starting a new business is always a risky proposition.  Let the Cleveland/Bradley Business Center help you minimize the risk by offering your business some of the latest innovations in business technology, and an affordable space for your business to grow.

Your new business qualifies you to occupy one of our office suites or manufacturing/service suites, at rates well below current “downtown” rents.  Office space at the Business Center starts as low as $73.00 per month, and manufacturing/service space begins as low as $250.00 per month.  We have a wide variety of spaces available, in a wide range of square footage’s.  Pick the suite that best suits your company’s needs.  Look at a few of the benefits Business Center  tenants enjoy:

Location, location, location:

The Business Center  is conveniently located next to Cleveland State Community College, just minutes from I-75 and the downtown business district.

‘Round the clock security

Working late, alone?  That’s no problem at the Business Center.  Security guards patrol the building and parking area.  The parking area is fenced, and the building has state of the art fire alarms and sprinkler systems.


Janitorial services

The restrooms and common areas of the Business Center  are cleaned, by professionals, 3 times per week.  Your individual suite is cleaned once per week.  Recycling and removal facilities are on-site for your convenience.


As a tenant of the Business Center, your company name will be placed on the door of your suite and in our hall directories.  You won’t miss a potential customer, because they couldn’t find your office.  Plus, you will have access to the publicity being generated about the Business Center itself.


Electricity and water are provided for the office suites.  Manufacturing/service suites receive a statement for electric service.

Conferencing facilities

The Business Center  has an oversized conference room with a large screen television, VCR, and satellite hook up.  It is also equipped with digital phone service, and a connection the Business Center ’s Local Area Network for fast computer presentations.

On-Site Postal Delivery

Mailboxes are centrally located on the Business Center  premises for your convenience.  The locks are changed after a tenant’s departure for your security.   UPS, FedEx, and Airborne deliver directly to our tenants suites.

All the above features and services are provided to the tenants of the Business Center  at no extra cost! 

Please read on to discover some of the other benefits of operating your business in the Business Center.

  A state of the art, digital, telephone system.  Never again will your customers get a busy signal or struggle to hear you because of static on the line.  2 digital telephones (a $500 value) are provided for you, when you request phone service.
  Local Area Network (LAN).  Enjoy the speed and convenience of a high speed DSL Internet connection.  If you have never experienced DSL speed, ask for a demonstration, the speed will amaze you.
  Copies, faxes, and clerical services are all available at the Business Center’s  offices.  This will give your business an opportunity to compete with larger firms that spare no expense on office equipment and clerical employees.

In addition to these services, the Business Center is located adjacent to the Small Business Development Center, where trained professionals are on-staff, to give you the most up-to-date advice on every aspect of running a new business.  The SBDC can advise you on:

Initial business assessment

            Business formation planning

            Licensing and tax information

            Financial planning

            Seminars and workshops  

            Business plan preparation

            Preparation for loan applications

All the services of the SBDC are free and confidential.

The National Business Incubator Association report that 87 percent of all business graduated from their incubators are still in business today.

North American Incubators have created over 19,000 businesses that are still in operation, and over 245,000 jobs.

Compare The Cleveland/Bradley Business Business Center to Incubators nationally: 

There are currently over 800 incubators in the nation, of those incubators only:

  224 have networking activities for tenants
  197 have links to higher education institutions
  238 have a conference room
  170 have a telephone/voice mail system
  162 have internet access
  229 have shared administrative services
  201 offer help with access to Loan Guarantee Programs
  249 have access to basic business help and instruction

These are just a few of the many benefits your business would enjoy by leasing with the Cleveland/Bradley Business Business Center.