On Friday, May 8th, several female entrepreneurs from the Cleveland Bradley Business Incubator participated in the 2015 Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build event.  The ladies were asked to volunteer four hours of their time on the construction of the home for Ms. Vicki Walker and her family.

The ladies spent the morning hours placing the final coat of paint to the interior walls of the house.   Female business owners participating in the event were Carrie Walls, Amaze Behavior Therapy; Brenda Gossett, Center for Wellness and Mobility; Mandi Choate, HaHa Shirts and Apparel; Stacy Dunn, Simon J Marketing; Wanda Pico, SerendipityCB; Sharon Burgess, Pop’s Ulpolstery; and Dana Teasley, Local Strategies.  Photos of the day’s event were taken by CBIC’s own Greg Conway, owner of Legendary Images.